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Catalyzing A Transformative Impact Through Empowerment

SWEET Institute-Our Vision

Our Vision

SWEET envisions a world in which all clinicians and advocates always have the required resources to make a transformative impact. Learn More


Our Mission

SWEET rallies a community of clinicians and advocates behind the causes we all care about.  A strong community united in vision and purpose can bring needed change.  This can be accomplished through solidarity, empowerment, and education.


Our Services

Our services emphasize critical thinking in clinical care, burnout prevention and promotion of self-care. SWEET facilitates the implementation of skills acquired during our seminars, our webinars, and other activities to make the needed change in the lives of our patients and clients and in the system overall.  


In-Person Seminars

SWEET offers a wide variety of in-person seminars both locally and nationally that are designed to empower.  Through collective learning and role play, the Socratic and Desire Methods, you leave our seminars armed with new skills to implement and remain connected to a like-minded community.

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Supervision & Case Consultation

Lacking a safe place to reflect and grow leads to continually experiencing negative outcomes.  SWEET provides a conducive environment to foster reflection on the work you do, while promoting self-care, burnout prevention, and developing skills for excellent care.  Like all our other services, empowerment is key and our ultimate goal.

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Our SWEET webinars replicate our in-person seminars and follow the SWEET Formula. Role plays, collective learning, videos and the Socratic and Desire Methods during our webinars is one of our best innovations. Whether in the comfort of your home or at your office, education-beyond-school can be invigorating. 

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Coaching & Mentorship

We all strive to add value to our patients and clients, our agencies, and to ourselves. We seek to be empowered, gratified, and grow. SWEET helps you do just that. We support you to advance in your career, to contribute to your agency and to fight for the causes you believe in. 

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SWEET Institute Mindset Webinars

Mindset Webinar:

Starting November 30th, the SWEET Institute is starting a series of webinars to: Help you find the answers to crucial questions; Give you the tools to start turning your life around; and Help you help your loved ones, your patients, clients, and others to do the same.

Mindset Webinar:

Date: Friday, November 30th, 2018

Time: 7:00-8:00 pm EST

Who: Whoever feels, thinks and believes there must be something better in life and really wants it.

Journey to EmpowermenT

By Mardoche Sidor, MD

If you frequently struggle with shame and embarrassment. If you experience a predominant state of grief, despair or guilt, you have to read this book.

Available on Amazon; Kindle and Paperback.

SWEET Institute-Therapeutic Writing Workshop

Special Event:

Join us as our SWEET Member- Carrie Miceli, LMSW launches her workshop:

Therapeutic Writing Works!

Date: Thursday, November 1st, 2018

Time: 6:00-7:00 pm

Learn to use writing as a tool for psychological healing, stress relief, problem-solving and dealing with past trauma. In this introductory workshop, you will use writing to work through emotionally challenging times and become the author of your own life.


Our Membership

Fully realizing our vision means creating a platform that is affordable, convenient, and flexible to all clinicians and advocates. As a SWEET member, you have access to the resources and support you need to fight stigma, oppression, the status quo, and the way care is provided to our patients and clients. You also belong to a community that fosters personal growth, career gratification, and empowerment. 


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Monique Mundle, LMSW

Socratic Method, Collective Learning, Collaborative, Different Approach, and Empowerment.   

Michelle Cregg, lMsw

Support, Teaching  Method, Coaching, Empowerment,           Inspiration, and Leadership. 

Carrie Miceli, lmsw

Personal touch, Relationship, Community, Personal and Professional Development. 


I've have had the amazing experience of working closely with them, but I do because of the power of their mission.  Imagine the dedication we give to our clients and organizations daily, given to us. They are making sure we are cared for in a (demanding) field, to continue to do this successfully and contently. It's entirely dedicated to that.  

– Michelle, DOHMH

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