SWEET Stands For

Supporting Wellbeing through Empowerment, Education and Training

  • SWEET’s mission is to facilitate empowerment through education, multimodal trainings, and a community established for all clinicians, advocates, and agencies, so we can all grow together.

  • We emphasize joint work between staff and agencies, through critical thinking in clinical care, burnout prevention and promotion of self-care.

  • SWEET facilitates the implementation of skills acquired during our seminars, our webinars, and other activities to make the needed change in the lives of our patients and clients and in the system overall.  

Our Expertise

Webinars, Seminars, and CEUs

  • Our SWEET webinars replicate our in-person seminars and follow the SWEET Formula. Role plays, collective learning, videos and the Socratic and Desire Methods during our webinars is one of our best innovations.

  • Whether in the comfort of your home or at your office, education-beyond-school can be invigorating. Read more

  • In the State of New York, SWEET Institute is approved by the Office of Professions under Dr. Sidor Psychiatric Services as a CEU provider for social workers (#SW-0471) and mental health counselors (#MHC-0127). Our live and self-study webinars are individually approved by the NASW in 44 additional states. SWEET is NOT an approved CEU provider in the following five states: Idaho, Michigan, New Jersey, Oregon, and West Virginia. (NASW unique identifier #886783231).

Online Supervision & Case Consultation

  • Lacking a safe place to reflect and grow leads to continually experiencing negative outcomes. SWEET provides a conducive environment to foster reflection on the work you do, while promoting self-care, burnout prevention, and developing skills for excellent care.

  •  Like all our other services, empowerment is key and our ultimate goal. Contact us

Coaching & Mentorship

  • We all strive to add value to our patients and clients, our agencies, and to ourselves. We seek to be empowered, gratified, and grow. SWEET helps you do just that.

  • We support you to advance in your career, to contribute to your agency and to fight for the causes you believe in.  Contact us

Fully realizing our vision means creating a platform that is affordable, convenient, and flexible to all clinicians, advocates, and agencies. As a SWEET member, you have access to the resources and support you need for personal and professional growth, to fight stigma, oppression, the status quo, and the way care is provided to our patients and clients. You also belong to a community that fosters meaning, career gratification, and empowerment. 

Our Membership