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The Why

Once we feel more empowered, we will be able to help our patients and clients, our friends and colleagues, and our agencies, feel more empowered. And the system, therefore, will also be affected by the change.


Membership Benefits:

*    Unlimited access to live webinars (Up to 12 per month-saving hundreds of dollars each month)

*    Unlimited access to pre-recorded webinars ( Approximately 12 added each month)

*    8 new articles each month;

*    50% off SWEET Services including: in-person seminars, group  

      supervision sessions, group coaching sessions, and the SWEET Annual


*    Free Individual coaching on any project members find gratifying, including to start a private practice; or a social service program

*    1 training video each month

Monthly SWEET Membership Community Assembly


All at the cost of a movie ticket ($15 a month)

Then What....SWEET Institute

Then what...


*   The ultimate community experience for all clinicians

*   A community that helps to inspire and empower all



*   A One Stop Shop in meeting the 

needs of all clinicians 



In-Person Seminars

SWEET offers a wide variety of in-person seminars both locally and nationally that are designed to empower.  Through collective learning and role play, the Socratic and Desire Methods, you leave our seminars armed with new skills to implement and remain connected to a like-minded community.

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Our SWEET webinars replicate our in-person seminars and follow the SWEET Formula. Role plays, collective learning, videos and the Socratic and Desire Methods during our webinars is one of our best innovations. Whether in the comfort of your home or at your office, education-beyond-school can be invigorating. 

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How does SWEET reach its Vision through its Membership?

We all strive to make a difference in the lives of our patients and clients. We stand for social justice causes and seek to make a difference in the world. But our efforts could yield so much more!

Yet, there is another way. When we gather in a community of like-minded people, to support a movement where all clinicians, advocates, health professionals, and aganies, have access to the resources they need, we are better positioned to provide excellent care to our patients and clients, avoid burnout, and promote self-care, and achieve greater levels of gratification in our work.

The SWEET Institute is reaching this vision through education-beyond-school, clinical supervision and case consultation, mentorship and coaching, and by providing each clinician, advocate, and health professional with the community we all very much need.

SWEET also believes that empowerment is key to achieving our vision. All services are provided with this emphasis in mind, making use of the latest adult learning theories, in combination with our SWEET Formula, which includes the Socratic Method, the Desire Method, Collective Learning, and critical thinking in clinical care.


How is SWEET Membership different from other membership programs?

We teach and supervise clinicians like you. We consult on challenging and difficult cases, and we take care of patients and clients and work with clinicians and staff at all levels, in a variety of settings. Given what all of you have been confirming each day, we can conclude the following: Clinicians, advocates, health professionals, and agencies, have been increasingly asked to do more with less.

Despite our best efforts, we are left feeling drained, ungratified, compromised in our self-care, and our experience with burnout seems to be the norm; and our patients and clients receive less than the quality care we wish for them. We are left alone, wondering at times whether this is all there is, questioning if anything else can be done; and we wonder whether we were even made for this type of work.

SWEET was created in response to this and much more, and we strive to help you find the answer through empowerment. Once we feel more empowered, we will be able to help our patients and clients, our friends and colleagues, and our agencies, in turn, feel more empowered. And the system, therefore, will have no choice but to change.


How are SWEET Membership services different from other services?

Since the answers lie in being empowered, all our services are intended to do just that. Whether it is education-beyond-school, individual or group supervision or consultation, individual or group mentorship or coaching, or SWEET gathering events, empowerment is the intended outcome. This places our services in a unique position, as you are unique and deserve unique tools, to provide excellent care, and achieve success in the causes we all stand for, while promoting self-care, burnout prevention, and career advancement.


What does SWEET Membership entitle me to?

Being empowered and helping to empower others will require the right tools that can be readily implemented. We need principles for practice, specific tailored techniques, and an understanding of the “Do’s and Don’ts,” to know the exceptions to the general framework. We also need to master critical thinking in clinical care so that we can apply it in our lives and for the rest of our career.



We trust you will make SWEET your home for the rest of your career. Our goal is to make empowering tools available to all clinicians at the best value for the lowest cost possible. And we thank you for joining us.