Our Approach


Socratic Method 

Desire Method 

Collective Learning 

Integrated Seminar 

Helps staff, agencies, patients and clients: Everyone Wins!

Our paradigm includes:

1.       Wide variety of topics;

2.       Emphasis on clinical and systems-based practices; critical thinking; soft skills; a posteriori knowledge; empowerment tools

3.       A diverse team modeling the importance and value of collaboration and a multidisciplinary approach;

4. All sessions facilitated by Mardoche Sidor, MD, Quadruple Board Certified Psychiatrist, and Karen Dubin-McKnight, LCSW, PhD.

“Being a social worker is more than a profession. It’s part of my identity- as someone who embraces change, growth, and healing. From an early age, I was always sensitive to the suffering of others, and later by the injustice and inequality that is so prevalent in American society. It called me to do this work and 15 years later, that foundation still drives my work every day.”
— Eric Grossman, WPA