Our SWEET story

The story of SWEET: 

The principle of innovation

An organic process

Grows clearer with each conversation

Grows stronger with each step taken

Grows larger with each person who joins it

Here are some of the chapters we’ve written so far:

Chapter 1: The Opportunity

Our founder, Mardoche Sidor, MD, and co-founder, Karen Dubin-McKnight, PhD, LCSW, MBA Candidate, both grew up in households made up of teachers, scientists, and advocates who instilled a belief in them that helping others was essential to making a positive contribution to the world. After practicing for nearly two decades, both Mardoche and Karen experienced frustration, burnout, and a sense of dissatisfaction in the face of a system of care that disempowers both the patient or client, the healthcare provider, and even the agencies. They both witnessed and experienced a lack of support and community.

Chapter 2: The Vision

Mardoche was unable to escape the feeling that "more can and should be done." That belief has been a driving force in the creation of SWEET, which came to life with this vision:

“Create a supportive community for healthcare providers, one that fosters self-care, prevents burn out, promotes excellence in their daily practice, and thereby provides the highest standards of care to all patients and clients, while helping agencies to increase revenues, decrease turnover, and manage their reputation.”

As soon as this vision took hold, Mardoche started brainstorming with fellow teammates, Roger, Karen, and Maria, about how to make it a reality. They fully embraced the idea, adding their own expertise to the process of developing a program designed to work with those taking care of others.

Chapter 3: The Movement

SWEET ’s vision and mission have come into focus thanks to the testimonials, words of wisdom, and encouragement of more than a thousand individuals who have joined us on this journey.

Chapter 4: The Future

The future lies in your hands. What can we do together for our patients and clients, for ourselves, our agencies, and our healthcare system? 

“Karen was my first social work supervisor from 2006 to 2007, while I was a student at Columbia University’s School of Social Work. Since that time, she has served as a steady support in my personal and professional life. Karen is both reflective and insightful; she is intelligent and quick-witted and is one of those rare people who will listen deeply in conversation. She hears the true meaning behind the spoken words, even those spoken carelessly or mindlessly. Because of her “deep” listening, she makes meaningful connections across multiple conversations. I am always learning from her. I have always felt respected, understood, and validated by Karen. Since our clinical professional relationship, I have always strived to emulate Karen’s style. I believe this has been the solid foundation, leading to my own success, as a therapist. Karen’s example has led me to be a better human being.”
— Meredith Canada