5 tips to help engage your patients and clients

Patient and client engagement is a challenge across all aspects of clinical care and more so in mental health, especially for those who feel forced into treatment. There is no single best definition for patient or client engagement, but I usually describe it as the active patient and client involvement in his or her care for best outcomes. Jacob and his parents see their previous experience with mental health as negative.  Understanding Jacob's condition and crafting a treatment plan with him will require engagement—trust, listening, and dialogue.

Why SWEET supports social workers and other health professionals?

Before now, the question, “Why SWEET?” has never been fully articulated in this way. But, consider a day in the life of a busy healthcare professional. It is almost, always, far from business as usual.  Deadlines, stress provoking decisions, patients and clients waiting to be seen, and unexpected surprises become the norm, more so than the exception. If you consider front line clinicians, often out in the field, the situation can be even more complex.