“I value my role of being a social worker because I am an advocate for justice. I help people realize that they have unlimited potential to achieve the goals that they set for themselves. It is a wonderful profession that works to effect humankind.”
— Ron Schneider, Brooklyn Defender Services

 SWEET is working directly with different agencies to help give access to their social work staff to SWEET services. If you are a social worker, let us know the best way to help you. SWEET is also working on creating a scholarship fund that will benefit and give back to more clinicians.

Please reach out to us at contact@sweetinstitute.com

Uniquely rich and varied curriculum

Outstanding tools through a first-class experience

Continuing Education Units (CEU)

The SWEET Institute/Dr. Sidor Psychiatric services is an approved CEU provider in the State of New York (7/1/2017-6/30/2020; #SW-0471).

In-person, live Continuing Education Courses held throughout the year. Flexibility and convenience

Take back to your agency tools you can readily use in your daily practice. 

* We offer...

Continuing education courses half-day, continuing education seminars. Specialized Tracks for:

  • Community Mental Health
  • Addiction
  • Private Practice
  • Forensic Social Work
  • Children, Adolescents, and their families

* Investment...

  • Half-day course: $175.

Refund Policies: Full refunds will be provided if participants cancel no later than 72 hours in advance of the start of any course. Participants will also receive full refunds for any course that is cancelled by the instructor. In the event of cancellations due to weather or other natural disasters, participants will have the option to either reschedule the course session or to apply the course fee toward a different course. There will be no refunds in this case.

* Register...

For more information and/or to register, please visit our Continuing Education page.


Clinical Supervision/Case Consultation

An opportunity to:

Process the complexity of cases, the challenging experiences of our clients and patients;

manage our own feelings;

Create a space for ongoing self-care;

Prevent burn out

Develop skills  

* We offer...

Weekly 2-hour group supervision sessions Optimal number of clinicians Opportunities for all group members to fully benefit Individual supervision sessions available on case-by-case basis.

* Investment...

  • 2-hour group supervision session : $600 (Up to 8 group members)
  • Individual supervision session : $250

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For more information and/or to register, please visit Supervision/Case Consultation page.


Mentoring and Professional Coaching

Geared to provide health professionals with the essential elements of personal, professional and career development.

 Intended for both short-term and long term goals.

Emphasizes work-life balance

Provides guidance around career change

Helps develop skills to be an effective manager and leader

Helps with skills to manage up, and navigate the internal affairs of a workplace. 

* We offer...

An optimal number of clinicians A weekly 2 hour-group session Opportunity for all group members to fully benefit Opportunity for Individual sessions on a case by case basis.

* Investment...

  • 1-hour individual mentoring/professional coaching session: $800
  • 2-hour group professional coaching session: $300

* Register...

For more information and/or to register, please visit Mentoring and Professional coaching page.


Peer Gatherings

The coming together of people in a similar field

Crucial for career development and satisfaction in the work force

Develop a community of professionals

Come together, share experiences, ideas, and resources.

* Investment...

Will vary based on the type of events.